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What Should I Do If I Chip My Tooth

At Always Beautiful Smile and Paramus Dental Arts we are regularly asked, “What should I do if I chip my tooth?” This is actually a fairly common problem. If you live in the Brooklyn NY area we encourage you to call  (440) 659-1455  as soon as your tooth becomes chipped. If you live in the Paramus, NJ area, call (201) 845-5533 to schedule an appointment.  As a general dentist, we can examine and treat you right away.

As an emergency dentist, the first thing we want to do is determine how serious the damage is. In order to do so, we will ask you several questions when you call to schedule an appointment.

Steps to Take After Chipping a Tooth

If you have ever wondered, “What should I do if I chip my tooth?” this information is good to keep in your back pocket. We always welcome your calls, questions, and visits to our dental clinic in Brooklyn. This guide should be a reference point, but ultimately, you should still visit the dentist.

Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. This will help remove debris, any surface blood, and reduce the chance of developing an infection.

Place a piece of gauze or a cool rag in your mouth and press on the area that is bleeding. Applying light pressure may also help ease any discomfort being caused by the tooth being chipped and the dentin being exposed. As a family dentist that serves residents of Brooklyn and surrounding areas, we have found this to be particularly useful for helping our young patients take their mind off their discomfort.

You can purchase dental cement at many drugstores and use it to temporarily cover the damaged tooth. As a cosmetic dentist, we prefer to simply treat your tooth and restore it immediately. However, if you are traveling, have a busy day at work, or simply cannot find the time to come in, this is a useful temporary solution. Just be sure to visit Always Beautiful Smile or Paramus Dental Arts the next day.

Call our cosmetic dental services clinic at (440) 659-1455 and schedule an appointment to be seen as soon as possible. We will do our best to work around your schedule so you can have your tooth restored immediately.


Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you have ever wondered, “Am I a candidate for dental implants?” we encourage you to call (440) 659-1455  if you live in Brooklyn NY. If you live in Paramus NJ we encourage you to call (201) 845-5533to schedule an appointment with our sister clinic in Paramus dental clinic. Dr. Margarita Degtyareva and Dr. Olga Degtyareva can conduct an examination and take X-rays to determine if you qualify for implant surgery, and if not, what it will take to get you there. At Always Beautiful Smile and a Paramus Dental Arts,

we will work with you to come up with the best way to replace your missing teeth, even if that means conducting additional procedures to ensure that you do qualify.

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If you are wondering, “What should I do if I chip my tooth?” the best thing to remember is to call our our practice. At Always Beautiful Smile and Paramus Dental Arts we always try to treat you right away so you do not experience unnecessary discomfort. Simultaneously, we will try everything in our power to restore your tooth in a way that is both beautiful and natural-looking. To schedule an appointment in Brooklyn, call (440) 659-1455. If you live in Paramus call our sister clinic Paramus Dental Arts at (201) 845-5533.

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