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Sleep Apnea


If you have high blood pressure and high blood sugar in the morning, if you get upi to use the restroom several times a night, if your loved one’s complaining about your snoring and notices that you stop breathing in your sleep, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately and test for sleep apnea. Remember that sleep apnea is very dangerous and can even cause premature death. For more information, schedule an appointment with Dr. Margarita Degtyareva by calling (440) 659-1455.


Sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that causes breathing to stop or become shallow for 10 seconds or longer. It is caused by the upper airway partially closing during sleep.

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What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common but serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Breathing pauses can last from a few seconds to minutes. They may occur 30 times or more an hour, disrupting the normal progression of sleep and leaving the person feeling unrefreshed upon waking.

How does sleep apnea harm your health?

TSleep apnea increases blood pressure and heart rate while decreasing oxygen levels in the blood. This can lead to cardiovascular problems, including heart failure and stroke. Sleep apnea also makes it difficult to concentrate during the day because of excessive daytime sleepiness, which may cause memory problems or make it difficult to perform tasks that require alertness and clear thinking.

How we can treat your sleep apnea.

We offer several options for treating sleep apnea including:

MAD Appliance - MAD devices move the lower jaw forward to open the airway. Patients wear MADs while they sleep to keep their tongues out of the throat and away from the airway.

Vivos DNA Appliance - Vivos DNA Appliance permanently alters the bone structure to make the mouth larger, so that the tongue does not have to be forced into the throat. This makes it easier for you to breathe and eat.

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Sleep Apnea

We're here to help you test for sleep apnea!

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, you may have sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is a treatable condition that can be improved. Let our accredited sleep specialists help with your treatment options by calling today.

  • Feeling tired during the daytime
  • Snoring continuously and loudly
  • Choking or gasping while sleeping
  • Frequent need to urinate during the night
  • Having diabetes, high blood pressure or A-fib

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